Sunday, May 28, 2006

R.I.P. Alex Toth 1928-2006

The legendary Alex Toth passed away Saturday morning at his drawing table. A giant among American comic illustrators, he was best known for designing the Super Friends and Space Ghost cartoons (including, of course, Brak). Wizard magazine named him the 7th most influential comic book artist of all time, and his "Death Flies the Haunted Sky" was included in The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told. Check out this Alex Toth Gallery, and TVparty's Twenty Questions with Alex Toth, conducted in 1991 (and answered in his own distinctive handwriting).


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(Paul, not Toth)
Hope the parenting is going well...
Perhaps on one of those nights you are up with Robobaby 1.0 we could get an update?

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